YOUth Contributions

I invite people aged 15-24 years old to contribute to this blog by telling their story about their experience with “opportunity”. This can be done by simply filling out the form below, but I recommend that you do this as a group project — one person is the subject, one person the interviewer, and one person the photographer. Talking through the questions (and recording and transcribing them) may be easier than just writing text as we want to hear your unique voice in the responses. Same for the photos, it may be easier to ask a friend to help you choose photos, or take photos of you, that represent your life.

I am thinking that this would be a week long project. Working in your group or by yourself, thinking about the responses and photographic subjects, taking the photos or choosing them from your current selection, and doing the interview voice recorded or writing, and then then upload and submission. The project will take a bit of thought over the week, but is not intended to be hugely time consuming. Most of all it should be fun! Thank you for taking the time!

I hope this is truly global project, and we get contributions from all corners of the earth. What you have to say in response to the questions below may not seem profound to you, but in fact your voice matters and has impact on other people across the world. Same for your photos. A photo of you in front of your house, school or workplace (or wherever/whatever you choose), will be fascinating for people who have never traveled there. Just simply the person you are is unique, interesting and special. And we want to hear and see you!

You may find this project centers your thoughts on your circumstances and opportunity. Writing your own story, and being part of the larger group who have also contributed, you will see you are part of a diverse collective that all have something rich and valuable to offer the world.

I ask the questions here, you submit your transcribed responses. Aim for about 450 or more words. I will not edit your script, as we want to hear your voice through your responses. Your post will be formatted with the text and photos to present the best of you.

You can also include your name, and any social media you would like to point people to. Let us know your age, your country, and if you are in school or working. If you worked as a pair, tell us the interviewer so you can both be credited.

You can also submit 3-5 photos! These photos can be of yourself, and your world and the way you see your wellbeing and opportunity. It could be a photo of you at your job, your local yoga studio, your jogging track, a place where you would like to work, your school, that is, anything that relates to you, your wellbeing, and your (economic) opportunity. Don’t forget to write a caption!

Once you have completed the form, don’t forget to click the submit button.

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In which country are you currently living?
What is your current level of education, or highest level of education achieved?
If you have a job, let us know briefly what it is. If you do not have a job, are you looking for work, studying, creating, investing...what are you up to?
In 150 words or so, tell us in your own way, what wellbeing related to you or youth in general, means to you?
In 150 words or so, tell us in your own way, what opportunity means to you? Does it mean economic opportunity, or something else?
In 150 words or so, tell us how you think youth wellbeing is related to opportunity.
Let us know who took the photo, or who has copyright on the photo.
Let us know who took the photo, or who has copyright on the photo.
Let us know who took the photo, or who has copyright on the photo.
Let us know who took the photo, or who has copyright on the photo.
Let us know who took the photo, or who has copyright on the photo.
Tell us the name of the person who interviewed you
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