Mentor Moments

Opportunity for youth is self created, but it is also fostered by parents, caregivers, community, and nations. In the Mentor Moments posts, we hear from people who are working with youth or for youth and have the mission of improving youth wellbeing and opportunity.

As a youth mentor, you may be a parent who has worked hard to foster opportunity in your child, a person working for a community organization the runs youth employment programs, or a person working working for a large international organization running global programs focused on youth wellbeing and opportunity.

I invite you to fill in the form below. Your contribution will be formatted and posted on this blog, Youth and Opportunity, with the category of Mentor Moments. In addition to the text fields, there are fields for uploading files. Please upload photos that showcase your youth community or program, or a page from a slide deck that is informative of youth wellbeing and opportunity that you foster.

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As I start this blog, I want to know from you as you have been working with youth, what do you think the discussion of youth and opportunity should include?
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Please let us know who took the photo, or who prepared the slide.
Please let us know who took the photo, or who prepared the slide.
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