Action Academic

Action Academic will be a string of posts that are based on the peer review publications and summarize social topics related to youth and opportunity – population growth, gender, inequality, resilience, and the list goes on.

I give myself a bit of a challenge, and for a given topic, I spend one hour searching for the peer review publications, one hour analyzing the papers, and one hour writing it up.

I watched a few art, design and drawing “how to” videos online, and a common theme was a timed challenge (5-minute logo, 30 minute sketch). I thought the social science academic version may be the 1-hour literature review. That would be 1-hour search, 1-hour analysis, and 1-hour write up and post. 

How will you know I only spend three hours on this? For your verification I will provide a slow motion video of me working across the three hours basically motionless except for my mouse, keyboard and coffee cup. (Actually, I’m just kidding, you will just have to trust me on the time thing.)

The focus will be on peer review publications, but the UN, World Bank and other international organizations often publish seminal reports that relate to the topic of Youth and Opportunity. If you think I missed anything – your paper, for example – let me know and I will add it in!

Topics on the horizon: “Opportunity” is what?, “Youth” is who?, gender, inequality, stigma, shame, respect, empowerment, role and responsibility. Then more empirical topics, maternal health in humanitarian crisis settings, child brides as child labor, women’s work and women’s economic empowerment, youth as caregivers.