About the Blog

As I start writing this blog, January 1st 2019, there are 1.8 billion youth — people between the ages of 10 and 24 — in the world. Most of these youth are in Africa and Asia, and the challenges they face will differ in part, but also bear some similarities to youth across North and South America, Australia and Europe.

In this blog, I will cover academic topics that relate to Youth and Opportunity. Exploring intersections of youth wellbeing and economic opportunity — health, jobs, harnessing the present, and the outlook for the future.

The academic perspective can sometimes feel distant, and while we make many efforts to include youth voices in this research, this blog aims to do that directly.

I will run an exciting string of posts based on youth contributions. Check out the “YOUth Contribution” tab to see how you too can be a part of this section.

I also gather the perspective of mentors, people working with youth to help them with their wellbeing and opportunity. Check out the “Mentor Moments” tab.

Data Dive is back to the academic side, and I will calculate or gather data that relate to Youth and Opportunity.

So let’s get started!

About the Author

Jocelyn E. Finlay is a Senior Research Scientist at the Department of Global Health and Population, at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. She is also founder and CEO of a research consulting company, Population Economic Research LLC.

Jocelyn grew up in the countryside of Australia, somewhere between the city and the outback.

During her undergraduate studies at the University of Melbourne, she studied Japanese and Economics, and deferred for a year to golf caddie in the mountains of Japan near Osaka.

While doing her PhD in Economics at the Australian National University, she traveled to Belgium (Université catholique de Louvain) and New Zealand (University of Otago) as a visiting student. With South East Asia, North America, and Europe as other destinations during her student years, the globe was calling.

Starting at the Department of Global Health and Population combined Jocelyn’s curiosity for all the people of the world and the interdisciplinary possibilities Economics offered. Many trips to Africa and the Middle East have been added to her passport.

With your contributions, combined with the review of academic literature, this blog takes a global view — travelling the world with you, and sharing your stories, about your Youth and Opportunity.